Welcome to my website where you will find information on projects past and future.

This site will be frequently updated so please check back often!

My current project is “Writer’s Cramp,” a feature film that just went into picture lock and is now going to the American Film Market in LA for hopes of distribution!

"Writer's Cramp" is a smart comedy caper about a couple of labor fakers who will do pretty much anything to pursue their creative dreams while avoiding anything that resembles work.

I play Scott - a passive-aggressive co-conspirator who discovers just how thin the fine line between reality and fantasy can be drawn.

If you enjoy clever mysteries (such as Clue, Deathtrap, and Murder by Death) and Zany Character Driven Comedies full of plot twists, you’ll love Writer’s Cramp. Check it out here on IMDB as well.

Also, Algorithm just started streaming a couple of months ago. Its a terse hacker thriller set in San Francisco that is very relevant in light of Snowden's revelations. I play one of the hackers set on liberating information.

–Raphael Barker